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The Dreamscaper
"Fais de beaux rêves."
Character by Foxx Trotter and Rev Goupil. Artwork by Toxi De Vyne.
Rêverie, or "Rev" for short, is the daughter of Celestia and the late lunar demigod Mani. She is a striped marble fox, a mix of Arctic fox and red fox. Like her mother, Rêverie is a sky goddess and is one of many dreamscapers within the Fantasy Realm. She currently oversees a domain called the Land of Enchantment. Rêverie provides pleasant dreams to the people of Earth, a job she highly enjoys...maybe a little too much, as she hardly gives any free time to herself to fulfill her own dreams and passions. She especially has a soft spot for children.

While Rêverie has a number of friends within the Fantasy Realm, she prefers keeping to herself and her dreamscaping...possibly to hide her past or maybe even a second life. Like other deities, Rêverie has the ability to change into different forms and also has a pure magic form showing her full potential of making dreams come true.

Note: Despite the color variation, Rêverie is not a kitsune. That doesn't mean she can't change into one. ;0P There are some kitsunes that have an influence in her life.
Any fan art of mine or Rev's characters is fine, but please keep it SFW. Thanks.
Face, Back Stripe, Lower Arms, Lower Legs, Tail
Face, Body, Lower Ears, Upper Arms, Upper Legs, Tail
Face, Upper Outer Ears, Back Stripe, Lower Arms, Lower Legs, Tail
Nose, Claws, Underpaws
Upper Inner Ears
Reference Sheet
The Enforcer
Soul Mates
The Overseer
Heavenly Family
Striped Marble Fox
5' 5" (1.7 m)
129 lbs (59 kg)
Body Type:
Nature, Dreamscaping, Magic, Children, Miracles
The primary magical focus is dream. As a goddess, Rêverie does have the ability to shapeshift. She also has a pure magic form showing her full potential of making dreams come true. When she is a marble fox, Rêverie can change her colors and patterns into different variations if she so chooses.

Rêverie has the ability to use her spirit magic while in a physical form. This includes the powerful pure magic form she can change into which could literally transform the environment around her. Since Rêverie is a dream goddess, her spirit magic generally relies on lunar illumination for strength. Keep in mind, though, that such a thing doesn't apply to all dream deities within the Fantasy Realm. It generally depends on the their nature, heritage or passage. The lunar pendant she wears can draw and store mana from the moon which she can use as needed. If Rêverie ever loses her physical form and ends up being stuck in spiritual form, she does have the ability to inhabit another physical form and take it as her own. A prior mutual agreement is generally preferred, but Rêverie could pretty much possess any creature of magic if things becomes desperate so she doesn't become too weak. Such an ability has similarities to what some nine-tailed kitsune can do if they were to lose physical form, but for all we know, Rêverie could have been born with this potential trait.

Unlike her mother, who already exists as a goddess in spiritual form after transition but can still retain physical characteristics, Rêverie went through a more divergent transition to full goddess which made her spiritual form vulnerable and reliable on specific resources for sustainability. With that mentioned, though, she found a way to keep herself from completely fading away if seriously weakened...thanks to a chronic curse that was placed on her during the War of the Kingdoms hundreds of years ago which caused her, let's say, 'unexpected adventures'. It also provided Rêverie with another magical ability that most dream goddesses don't tend to have. Save that, though, for another time and place. After all, we can't divulge all of her secrets.
Details Overlooked:
Rêverie had the surname of 'Goupil' from her short time living on Earth, which is the old French word meaning "fox". She originally did not have a surname, and chooses not to use it as a goddess since most deities don't have one. Rêverie was originally born a demigoddess, but she later became a full goddess by spiritual transition.
Eye Color:
Sky Blue
Hair Style:
Long Strawberry Blonde Hair (Usually Braided)
Between a C-Cup and D-Cup
Speaking Style:
Rêverie speaks with a French accent, but she is also multilingual.
Preferred Clothing:
Unlike her mother, Rêverie may wear casual attire from time to time.
Rêverie is left-handed.
Special Items:
Rêverie wears a lunar pendant which can draw additional mana from the moon through aural magic. Of course, the amount of mana the pendant will draw depends on the moon phases. Rêverie doesn't necessarily need the additional mana as a goddess, but her spiritual form relies on lunar illumination for magical strength and she can get quite weak without it if she is ever removed from her physical form. While an astral pneuma has helped Rêverie with this difficulty in some ways, she can't be kept in complete umbra for a long period of time if she ends up being stuck in spiritual form...especially if is she already drained of magical power. Her pendant is also known to have direct ties to a staff Celestia owns called the 'Draumstafir'. It will glow when the staff is being used. There are many other things the lunar pendant can do that Rêverie has yet to discover.
Bad Habits:
Rêverie can sometimes get too involved in her work.
Dracaena, Foxx Trotter, Rayén Vos, Jelena, Freya, Óðr, Hnoss, Inari, Ravena, Fayette, Annabelle, Queen Aurora, Princess Shayla
Celestia (mother), Berthold (uncle), Mani (deceased father)
June 17th
Zodiac Sign:
Oriental Sign:
Totem Sign: