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The Enforcer
"Please choose your path wisely. You only get one chance."
Nazaki-Cain & RexyArt
The name this dragoness goes by is "Dracaena", which is off a Greek variant meaning "lady dragon". It is also a type of plant. Her real name is Huonu, relatively using Chinese word partials for "lady of fire". She currently serves as a celestial martinet within the Fantasy Realm...primarily as an enforcer to help keep everything in balance throughout all worlds. Dracaena is a blood and gold dragon, a daughter of a dark dragon and a light dragon through a forced relationship. Her father was from the now extinct Shizu Xuelong...a clan of ruthless dragons who pretty much destroyed anything and everything in their path. The mother was from Shizu Jinlong, which was a peaceful clan of golden dragons who were benevolent to the monks and local communities in the Orient. Huonu ended up belonging to Shizu Xuelong since her father was the dominant. She had a fraternal twin sister named Huojin, who had similar looks but was more gold in overall color.

Unfortunately, the life of her mother and sister were cut short as they were killed by members of Shizu Xuelong after dragons from Shizu Jinlong tried to rescue them. Revenge was swift, though, when the War of the Kingdoms came a few years later covering numerous worlds throughout the Fantasy Realm in a universal shift. Medieval times were most certainly bloody and brutal. Shizu Xuelong was completely wiped away, and only a couple dragons remained from that clan...the 12-year-old Huonu being one of them as she was left abandoned at her home during the war. A traveling nomad who was seeking shelter had found her. Fearing that she would eventually be killed by members of Shizu Jinlong, Huonu was taken to a different region of the Orient and well away from other dragons. The kitsune goddess, Inari, soon took notice of a dragon passing through her kingdom and decided to intervene. She knew that certain dragons could be a threat to her land and inhabitants, so she didn't want to take any chances. After a promising conversation, Inari took it upon herself to care for the young dragoness personally. She had already taken in a lifeless goddess from the Land of Enchantment who ended up permanently cursed during the War of the Kingdoms. Luckily, and highly peculiar to Inari, her physical form seemed to remain stable.

As Huono grew into adulthood and became more responsible, she helped Inari care for this stricken goddess. Huonu became more attached and protective of her as time passed. She eventually met another vixen goddess named Celestia, who came to check on the well being of her critically injured daughter. Now knowing who this young fox she was caring for belonged to, Huonu finally found out the events leading up to her current condition. The dragoness also became well determined to seek revenge against the being responsible, as he has not yet been identified. Celestia advised a word of caution, though, but Huonu was a bit headstrong as part of her heritage. It's possible that the being responsible has already perished. Huono let Celestia know that her daughter would be taken care of for as long as she is able.

Being born possessing both white and black magic, Huonu would learn the use of her abilities and shapeshifting over time as an apprentice under the teachings of both Inari and Celestia. Although the two are both white magic goddesses, they knew how to keep the influence of black magic under control and actually use it for the purposes of good. Even though Huonu was safe within the Temple of Inari, she would still be a target by other dragons wanting to completely eradicate the remains of her former clan. If she was to leave, the dragoness knew that she was going to have to be able to defend herself as help wasn't always going to be nearby. As much as Inari wanted to have another dragon come to assist based on adaptability, she knew that it could bring an attack on her kingdom if a tip-off occurred. It was best to keep Huonu under a tight lid...for now.

Hundreds of years would pass until a miracle took place during the Enlightenment. I will let you all figure that part out. It's not hard, after all. Anyways...when Celestia becomes overseer of the Fantasy Realm, she would employ Huonu as a martinet in appreciable thanks for the longtime care of her daughter. In order to keep her real name concealed, Celestia would call the dragoness "Dracaena". To help compensate for the use of her black magic, Dracaena would learn the ability to bring one's own personal fears to realism as a way to protect herself and to ward off enemies. This is pretty much the opposite of what Celestia's daughter can do as a dream goddess. Celestia knows that doing this type of magic could work on anyone, including herself, so she always has a backup plan...just in case. Dracaena knows how to use white and black magic interchangeably, but she also knows that she still has her limits. If need be, she can change into a much larger feral form in order to push her weight around.
Any fan art of mine or Rev's characters is fine, but please keep it SFW. Although Dracaena is my character, I did adopt her from Nazaki-Cain and RexyArt who were the original creators. Thanks.
Body, Toes
Ears, Body, Face, Tail
Eyes, Claws
Face, Ears, Body, Upper Arms, Lower Legs, Tail
Face, Ears, Body, Upper Arms, Tail
Face, Nose, Upper Mane, Body, Scales, Upper Arms, Upper Legs, Lower Mane, Tail
Face, Upper Mane, Horns, Whiskers, Upper Ears, Scales, Lower Arms, Lower Mane, Paws
Upper Mane, Horns
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Reference Sheet
The Dreamscaper
Soul Mates
Blood & Gold Eastern Dragon
7' 3" (2.2 m) in anthropomorphic form -- not including her tail, 32' 7" ( 9.9 m) long in feral form
361 lbs (164 kg) in anthropomorphic form -- enough to throw her weight around
Body Type:
Celestial Martinet
Nature, Magic, Combat, Travel, Confucius
Unlike most Eastern dragons, Dracaena is one who can breathe fire. She can levitate in order to fly...but only in her feral form.
The primary magical focus is primarily dragon based and battlefield along with some illusion and enchantment. Dracaena does have the ability to change between anthropomorphic and feral forms. As a way of protection and to help ward off her enemies, she has the ability to bring one's personal fears to realism. Dracena can make your worst nightmares come true. With that mentioned, though...is it real or just fantasy? She won't ever tell.
Details Overlooked:
Dracaena has a deeper voice when in feral form.
Eye Color:
Hair Style:
Mane-Styled Black & Red Hair
DD-Cup, close to an E-Cup
Personality Type:
This dragoness can be aggressive and headstrong at times, but not ruthless like her father was.
Speaking Style:
Dracaena speaks with an Oriental accent, but she is also multilingual.
Sense of Humor:
Dracaena isn't really humorous. It is most likely due to her tumultuous past.
Preferred Clothing:
Dracaena usually wears a kimono while in anthropomorphic form.
Admirable Traits:
As long as she is able to control her aggression, Dracaena can be quite the powerful dragon. She will be your friend for life so long as you're able to gain her trust and respect. Dracaena is quite cautious in choosing companions. She is a very close friends with Inari, Celestia and especially Rêverie.
Negative Traits:
As mentioned in her personality, Dracaena can sometimes be aggressive and headstrong. She can also hold grudges against those who tend to do harm against her or her friends. It can lead to her being vulnerable if she is not careful of her actions. Dracaena does know that patience can be a virtue, but sometimes, she can't wait that long.
Being born with both capabilities, Dracaena can use white and black magic interchangeably. Unbeknownst to her, she also has the ability to absorb the magical essence of any mage she has been in close contact with over a long period of time...eventually being able to learn and use their own abilities against them if she so chooses. It does not weaken the host at all, nor is it noticeable. This is part of the black magic she possesses and is unique to certain dragons. Although Celestia taught Dracaena a way of making the personal fears of someone become realistic, she already had the ability to cast dreams through the draw off Rêverie during her caretaking and didn't even know it. Then again, as an overseer, Celestia most likely already knew of this capability and discreetly placed a barrier spell on Dracaena so she couldn't take the full advantage of this dangerous power grab. That way, Dracaena can only learn the magic of what she is directly taught as an apprentice.
Bad Habits:
Given her job as a martinet, she can sometimes take it to a much higher level than required. While she won't kill anyone unless she absolutely has to, Dracaena can most certainly make things very painful for her enemies...both physically and mentally. If it is someone who has done serious harm to one of her friends, especially Rêverie who she is really close to, Dracaena will bring deliberate torture to the extent of near death to prove her point. As much as her friends advise caution not to, it doesn't always get through to this stubborn dragoness as it is part of the traits she inherited from her father. At least she isn't as ruthless and brutal to the extent of complete slaughter, destruction and consumption of the remains.
Rêverie, Celestia, Inari, Ravena, Foxx Trotter, Rayén Vos, Miyuki-san, Yoshiko
Houjin Xuelong (deceased sister), Xiaoyu Jinlong (deceased mother), Yezhu Xuelong (deceased father)
October 7th
Zodiac Sign:
Oriental Sign:
Totem Sign: