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VampiricPaws || 29 || Canada || Bat Daddy || Mortician || Inkblot || Furaffinity || Artfight

Hello there, Welcome to my Profile, I am Vamp though I can also go by Vamp or Gloom. I am an active Character hoarder and commissioner. I am a fulltime Mortician who does art on the side and plays video games in my spare time. I enjoy making new friends and am working to getting a Gaming PC and possibly start streaming 2024-2025, Gotta get my life improvements first through and steadily aiming to find my on place. I may be spacey and reserved but please be patient, I take time to warm up to others, I try and stay out of drama or away from the Closed species and Adopts spaces. this is my own personal preference please understand I am just minding my own business and keeping to myself as best I can here on Socials.
Do not interact with me if you are Underage

DISCLAIMER: I do have a lot of 18+ Content from Sexual to Gore.. Please be advised!

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Active OC/Character hoarder and Commissioner