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The Housewife
"Where there is a will, there is a way. I will ensure that my legacy is not forgotten."
This is one of a number of quick (and cheap) AI character designs which I adopted recently on DeviantArt. This one, though, I will eventually get a reference sheet created for. I was originally going to have a custom creation done for Ermine, but based on this design, I can make use of her in my storylines. There was also one I found which could have been used for her first husband, but someone else had already bought it. I'll have to continue looking...

Based on the French legends, I named this character Ermine Larocque. She was a country vixen who would marry a cunning fox and have three kits. Her primary occupation was a housewife, but she would occasionally assist her husband on some "special" errands. One day, her husband never returned from one of these errands. A couple more years passed, and Ermine began to think he had been killed. She soon would find another mate and re-marry. The two would have a child together, who they named Hélène.

The first husband would eventually return four years later to find Ermine living a new life. He vowed to seek revenge on her. Well...many additional years passed with nothing of significance. When the War of the Kingdoms began, all that changed. Ermine and her latest daughter disappeared, never to be seen again. Her recent husband, though, was able to avenge his losses at the cost of his own life.

Yes, this synopsis is based on some old Renaissance tales from hundreds of years ago. I'm sure many of you can figure out which one and its numerous variations. With this particular story being presented is the rumor that magic was involved. Therefore, it is possible that Ermine and her daughter may have lived different courses of existence since the War of the Kingdoms. The Imaginaerum is endless, and the celestial planes their paths could cross are many. It's a fantasy world, after all. ;0)
Any fan art of mine or Rev's characters is fine, but please keep it SFW. Thanks.
Face, Inner Ears, Body, Tail
Face, Outer Ears, Body, Tail
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