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The Witch
"You can't have the light without the dark."
Yes...I adopted another fox. ;0P This one was created by Imanika. I decided to name her Phoebe (sometimes called "Luna" since she is associated with the moon). The name of 'Phoebe' is a Greek variant which means pure, radiant or bright. This lady is an enigmatic lunar witch who lives within the Astral Plane. The realm is generally mentioned as a celestial gateway between Heaven and Hell. One could also say that it is a gateway between realism and fantasy. Unlike the Ethereal Plane which is completely spiritual, some physical forms can exist in the Astral Plane although it is very uncommon. Phoebe has the ability to exist in both the real and fantasy worlds, but it doesn't come without stipulations. While there is no single deity who is actually in charge of the Astral Plane, the sky goddess Urania has normally been handling the rites of passage of beings between the real and fantasy worlds with the concurrence of each overseer. Of course, some beings can remain in the Astral Plane for long periods of time.

Phoebe is one of those rare cases of a physical form who exists in the Astral Plane, but she has since taken a more otherworldly appearance. This is because she can inhabit both physical and spiritual forms. Then again, maybe it also happens the other way. :0P A mischievous witch at times, Phoebe is generally good natured and will protect weaker souls to her best abilities. It may at times, though, come at a cost of her natural presence...especially if Phoebe is not looking before she leaps.

While just a rumor, it has been mentioned that Phoebe was the primary source of transitioned astral magic for Rêverie during her 'celestial travels'. It would make sense in some ways, though, due to Rêverie needing aural illumination for her sustainability while in spirit form. Some have even said that Rêverie and Phoebe are one in the same...a guiding light through centuries of darkness. Only a select few know the actual truth, and for now, that will be kept in tranquility.
Any fan art of mine or Rev's characters is fine, but please keep it SFW. Although Phoebe is my character, I did adopt her from Imanika who was the original creator. Thanks.
Face, Body, Ears, Arms, Legs, Paws, Tail
Face, Body, Ears, Arms, Legs, Paws, Tail
Face, Body, Ears, Arms, Legs, Tail
Left Eye, Hair Highlights (optional)
Nose, Claws
Right Eye, Hair Highlights (optional)
Tongue, Underpaws
Reference Sheet
Celestial Red Fox
5' 9" (1.8 m)
136 lbs (62 kg)
Body Type:
Lunar Witch
Witchcraft, Halloween, Astrology, Wicca, the Moon
Phoebe primarily relies on aural and lunar magic as well as some potions she creates. The strength of her power depends on the moon phases. Complete umbra can significantly weaken her magical abilities, but due to her residence within the Astral Plane, Phoebe can adapt and draw off other features of the realm for sustainability.

Being a witch, Phoebe does have some shapeshifting abilities but can also use illusions. She can cast some cosmic spells which few witches can do. Phoebe is also a really good singer. Be careful, though. Some of her melodies can be enchanting. As mentioned in the general description, Phoebe can exist in both realism and fantasy. With that said, there are usually certain circumstances for which such beings to travel to those places.

No...Phoebe does not need a broom in order to fly. XP
Details Overlooked:
Phoebe was born under a blue moon on Halloween which is quite a rarity. She also has complete heterochromia. While it has been rumored in some instances that one is similar to the color of eyes Rêverie has and the other of her own, that is not the actual case.

Phoebe may also have parts of her attire and natural features matching the colors of her eyes. It has been mentioned that they represent the dawn and dusk of her celestial appearance in the Astral Plane and has nothing to do with her actual personality. She is pretty much a subtle and carefree spirit.
Eye Color:
Her left eye is bright blue, while her right eye is light violet. Then again, she is a witch.
Hair Style:
Phoebe has long brownish hair, but there can some highlights in some places to match her eye colors.
Personality Type:
While good natured, Phoebe can mystify others with her antics from time to time.
Speaking Style:
Phoebe speaks with an Old English accent, but she is also multilingual.
Sense of Humor:
A witch with a sense of humor? This one does! ^_^
Preferred Clothing:
Phoebe usually wears clothing typical of most witches, but sometimes elaborates with lunar designs.
While a number of spells and incantations by mages can include such lingo, Phoebe may mix rhymes in within her general dialect on occasion.
Bad Habits:
Phoebe has a tendancy of going overboard on some of her habits from time to time.
Phoebe's family members are currently unknown, but she does have a mutual relationship with the sky goddess Urania in the Astral Plane. She has been rumored to be related to the celestial fox, Vulpecula.
October 31st
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