AstroWildcat commissioner
About Me
Hi, my name is Wildcat! I’m a 24 year old woman who was born and raised in the Deep South in the United States. Despite my love for period pieces, I’m majoring in data analytics. My main thing is writing, since I can’t exactly draw to save my life.

💫 I mainly write period pieces (AKA historical fiction) with my characters. As much as I love anthro animal characters, I have a lot of human characters in these stories, too.

💫 My main hobbies include playing specific video games, homebrewing all of my consoles, coin collecting, watching bad fanime (NOT anime!) like Nyan Neko Sugar Girls and Blood Raining Night, drawing, listening to video essays while I work, going to conventions, doing research, playing TTRPGs, listening to old music, and, of course, writing.

💫 My passions mainly include animals and 20th century history. I especially enjoy period pieces set during the 20th century. Please, contact me if you also enjoy historical fiction set during this time period, I beg. I also am a hard science fiction enjoyer.

Blacksad has got to be my all-time favorite piece of media so far!