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by Kirov
Ira Caldera
Pirate Queen
Appearance: Ira has an anthropomorphic body with digitigrade feet, long, narrow muzzle, clawed hands, large ears, and long legs.

Common Clothes/Props: Mismatched, tactical armor

Backstory: She commands an entire fleet/station of pirates through ruthlessness. Echo’s Pungwe is the only ship to have ever escaped her grasp, so she is out for blood. They’ve had repeated encounters and exchanges over the years which have lead to a bitter rivalry, as Echo always manages to escape with her ship.

Ira was born to a space station administrator and her husband, a retired pirate. Her upbringing was fairly normal, as she grew up on one of the pirate fleet’s many hidden logistical space stations, where many non-combatants supporting the pirates have set down roots. She learned much about how to run a space station from her mother, and was always fascinated by the tall tales her father would tell of raids.

However, at the age of 15, the space station was discovered and raided by the ISC and IMC Marines. The inhabitants fought back viscously, but ultimately lost. During the raid, Ira’s family tried to make it to a small hangar, where they could escape on stealthed transports. Along the way, they were intercepted by a squad of Marines. Ira’s father, being a retired pirate, reacted immediately, pushing her down the corridor and turning back to fire on the squad. As Ira and her mother ran, Ira looked back to see her father gunned down.

While Ira and her mother escaped on board one of the ships, it was immediately intercepted by the ISC. Ira’s mother was taken into custody and imprisoned after a trial, where she later died due to an accident. Ira herself was housed in an orphanage until she came of age. She despised the Empire for what they had done to her and her family, and she endeavoured to take revenge. Thanks to some of the knowledge she was privy to as the daughter of a station administrator, she was quickly able to get back into contact with a handful of pirates, and she was eager to become one herself.

Ira rose rapidly through the ranks, fueled by her hatred of the Empire. She soon found herself the Captain of her own pirate ship, but, recognizing the importance of a good logistical network, her first move was to establish a close relationship with the pirate space stations. She eventually brought a few of those under her control, and from there, she was able to obtain the allegiance of several more pirate ships. While the pirates had always previously been a very divided and individualist faction, they were slowly being united under a single banner, thanks to Ira’s effectiveness as a leader and logistician. While there still existed plenty of competing warlords, Ira’s loyalists became an effective fighting force and a serious thorn in the Empire’s side. She became know as the “Pirate Queen Caldera,” and her forces “Caldera’s Raiders,” which began to fly her flaming sigil on all their ships.

Today, she is the Empire’s Most Wanted. While there are still many independent pirates, any merchant caught by a ship flying her sigil knows their fate. To this day, only one ship has ever escaped her grasp, and she has made it her quest to track down that ship to the ends of space, lest her reputation be slighted.

Characteristics: Determined, Calculating, Wrathful, Teasing

Additional Details: Likes fire motifs