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Sona Character
A furred dragon that is consistenly inconsistent.
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Male, female, something inbetween?
Oneiric Dragon
178cm, varies
A dangerous question
Body Type:
Unstable Form: Their physical form may subtly shift from day to day. Although Xiyu's general features remain the same, sometimes their body can shift when not being observed. Oftentimes this results in slight shifts of body size, shape, gender, and most commonly, horn shapes. Such changes are not always voluntary, but can be controlled or supressed by willpower (either Xiyu's own, or those of observers; people who lucid dream often for example can shape xiyu's features with greater ease)

Dragon Breath: Can spew a mist that induces fatigue and lethargy to those who contact it. Eventually will cause victims to drift into slumber. The effects are quickened if directly inhaled.

Dream Walking: When Xiyu is asleep, their consciousness may transverse through the dreams of others. More often than not, memories of said dream walking will not be retained, so this ability is rarely purposefully used.

Metastasis: On very rare occasions, Xiyu can experience or transverse into dreams with heightened emotions, energies, or desires. They can then use the ambient energy to metamorphosize into an alternate form. In these said forms, they are no longer at the whims of an unstable dream body. Maintaining these forms require mental energies gathered from the dreams of others.
Designer's notes: Concept!:
So, the idea for this character actually came from my dreams a few years back! In it I was killed somehow, but an entity called "The Mother of Monsters and Demons" reincarneted me into a dragon. That was the basis of my sona's design, although with several differences. Firstly, she was, to put it lightly, very obviously female. A sizable chest, but with no chest floof to speak of, a tradegy indeed! Second, the hair color was a gradient purple to almost dark magenta, I did keep the straight hair attribute for the most part. Thirdly, while the contrasting dark and white patterns were in the original dream version, instead of the current slate grey and shite, it was almost black and white, and no fuzzy fur either. I'd say they originally looked more like a shark or orca rather than a derg? Another detail that stuck me as strangely specific was that she was supposed to be 188 cm. I do want to make something out of the original design one day though?
Designer's notes: Body:
Think back to a dream you remember. Try to focus on an entity in those dreams. Often times when i dream of people, their apperance is different from what they actually are in real life. Yet within out dreams, we are utterly convinced of the identities of people we see in them. Even when we look away and back at them, we are still affirmed of who our minds think they are. It matter not that the details are inconsistent or wrong. They could change clothing, change gender, change voice and we would still recognize them as the identities our brains pinned them down as. Its through this concept that I've designed Xiyu's body and subtle shapeshifting upon. Of course, in rare occasions where you can lucid dream, you can freely shape your dreams and the entities in them, to varying degrees...
Soft and fluffy to the touch, however the grey fur is slightly coarser than white fur.
Eye Color:
Light Teal
Long, straight hair
Shapeshifting body! Not always in a voluntary manner!