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Rilea Ryuunosuke Skublaka
The Encouraging Soul
"Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality."
Rilea can easily be defined as a soft and loving character, prone to assisting others even sometimes at risk to herself. Her journey is a long one: a search for her purpose; and along the way, she wishes to help others do the same. She has a soft and thickly furred body of an arctic fox which is only broken by the strange archaic runes that creep across her form, indicative of something more. Suiting of her desire to help others, she is well versed in healing and medical knowledge, but is not unable to defend herself. Depending on the situation, she may provide cover from afar or stand firm up close. However strong her desire to help others is, Rilea is still a rather shy character around those she has only met and is often outspoken easily. There is but one danger to her soft and warm person: the runes that coat her are more than just for show, even if she believes them so.
I'm rather open to Rilea being used in art, both SFW and NSFW, so long as it's fitting of her character and you get permission from me first.
Left Eye Color
Main Fur/Hair Color
Marking Edges Color
Marking Interior Color
Pads/Exposed Parts
Right Eye Color
22 years
Dragonblooded Fox
5' 9"
140 lbs
Body Type:
Soft exterior with toned muscle hidden under her fur
Cleric of Community and Exploration
The discovery of her purpose and that of others is quite important to her as she believes everyone was made for a reason. In line with that, she finds the studies of philosophy and religion to be greatly interesting. On a more mundane path, Rilea enjoys traveling and the joy of discovering new and unseen places. Though she would never ask to nor start a fight herself, she does enjoy the thrill of combat.
Rilea is an average arctic fox with white fur covering all of her body and a slightly toned build. Tribal markings wrap around her joints, back, tail, ears, hands, and paws (picture below with better ref) and a vibrant red. The markings across her back may slightly resemble draconic wings. She has thick fur around most of her body, the longest of which is around her neck and the shortest being on her belly. Her tail is long enough to touch the top of her head or wrap around her chest and is slightly ruffled, though thick. Her chest fills 36DD cups and all of her fleshy bits and pads, minus her black nose, are a soft pink. The left eye is a rusty red color and the right eye is a rich emerald. Her hair is the same white as the rest of her fur and is long enough to reach the middle of her back and just slightly curly with a slender few red and white bangs that could cover her eyes but she wears to the side. She has a scar across the top of her right hand made by a blade that mostly hits the thumb, some faint bite marks that could be found against the left side of her neck (canine in nature), and also faint claw marks along her hips running horizontally.
Rilea was blessed with three unique birthrights, one from each of her parents and then one from both parents together (the Dragon of Energy and the Agent of the Void Kitsune); they are as follows:
*Fox Magics: The masters of the gifts of magic of most races, Red has great potential over the magic feats she can learn and perform. Wishing to bestow this similar blessing on her soul-child, Red granted Rilea access to a few basic kitsune gifts as well as the ability to create paper magic as she discovers them. (Futuristic settings will alter the appearance and median of these magics. Modern/Realistic settings will translate these into mannerisms and social ability.)
*Dragon Within: Rymber devised a way to protect his softer daughter without having to watch over her constantly. Though he didn’t give her normal physical body the prowess of a dragon, his blood still flows through her veins. Normally, its effects lie dormant and rarely bother her, however upon her life being threatened (ex: excessive loss of blood), the magic blood ignites and she undergoes a temporary physical change, growing slightly in size and greatly in strength. Physically, one would see the small bits of red dotted throughout her fur expand till it overtakes her white as the dominant color as well as her teeth and claws growing darker and longer. Scales would pop up in vital places and wings would sprout from her back allowing her full flight. Her normal magics are either altered or replaced entirely depending on how dire the situation, providing her a range of powers similar to her draconic father. This effect puts her on a purely instinctual mindset and she would come to afterwards as if she had blacked out, all physical effects leaving soon before. (Futuristic settings make the draconic change appear more technomancy, building on her worldly talents. For Realistic settings, this would seem more like entering full on fight or flight with the body forcing itself to the extreme of one or another physically.)
*Body’s Blessing: Both Rymber and Red were unable to ever partake in the pleasures of life while they were still mortal and as such wished that their daughter be given the chance to do so when appropriate. To ensure a safe and secure means of experimenting, they made it so diseases and other unintended effects were never permanent; they would simply run the short course of a normal cold or flu then die off. She also needed not worry about pregnancy. Her body was only capable of conceiving if she and her partner were both ready and willing. (Modern/Realistic settings would perceive this simply as having a really strong immune system and “good luck” when it comes to conceiving or not conceiving.)
Fresh air and winter flowers
Very soft and thick fur
Eye Color:
Heterochromia: Left eye is a Rusty Red and Right eye is a Deep Emerald
Hair Style:
Long hair that reaches down her back with several bangs that she wears to the side
Dinner and date first ;3
Speaking Style:
Soft-spoken around strangers, flirtatious and generous around friends
Omnivore (whatever foods she can gather in the woods or meals she is afforded in towns)
Favorite Colors:
Amethyst and Snow White
Favorite Places:
The Snowy North and its Forests
Home Life:
Being a world traveler, Rilea has not settled down yet anywhere. She has become rather used to staying at local inns and taverns, working in towns as a healer and blade for hire to pay her stay if she can't afford the costs.
RagRevier Rymber Skublaka [Father | Dragon God of Energy]
Emiko "Red" Ryuunosuke [Mother | Kitsune Void Agent]
Rei Libith Ryuunosuke [Sister | Kitsune]
RegValor Drake Skublaka [Brother | Furred Dragon]
RPG Class:
Paladin of the Exploration God, Faydris
LG (Lawful Good)
Common, Wolffolk, Draconic
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