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Renko / 恋心
Queen Sunless
"I'm sleepy..."
恋心 - Renko is my main sona.
- "Queen Sunless of Starvonias Skys" (homeland),
- Sunshine (by her husband)

Summery bio -
Runaway princess of Lumentia turned queen of the underworlds of Starvonia.
Colours change from muted yellow, purple/black, or bright red due to health issues
Anyone can draw Ren but please ask me first.

Please don't draw NSFW art of her!
(Only acceptation is when myself or my husband get commissions.)
Is Sona
Reference Sheet
330 years
Lumentian Manahorn - Later becomes Ebontouched (Vampire like)
4ft 5inc
Body Type:
Queen of Starvonia's underworld (sunken island of old)
Past Occupation:
Royal Princess
- Tarot
- Astrology
- Hover boarding
- Coffee
- Mythology and Magic
- Travel / adventure away from home
- Geology (collecting rocks, crystals and minerals or fossil specimens)
- Wit
- Quick thinking
- Good haggler
- Has a good eye for details
- Language translation
- Studying History
- Celestial/dark magic
- Can commune with Ebongold elder dragons (The first ones)
- Light/dark monipulation
- levitation
- Wings (Usually can't see them)
- Summon dark pets through mirror looking rifts.
- Mana surge

- Hybermobility - (Can bend her body, limbs and tail in strange ways.)
Its less of a talent and more of a body disorder she deals with.
- Drinks fresh hot coffee without flinching
- Very limber
- Keeping people entertained (Like Renami)
Details Overlooked:
- Shes naturally short but wears very high heals for height.
When she takes off her heals people are surprised at how short she is.
Mystery fruity candy like smell
Velvet/peach fuzzy and smooth belly.
Eye Color:
Yellow or orange (Has a flame glow in the dark)
Hair Style:
Long tied up OR short bob.
Busty - 32DD
Dwarfed in height with a very long tail.
Personality Type:
INFP - Mysterious, happy, helpful, sisterly, caring, vibrent, stoic, warm, spiritual & whimsical.
Speaking Style:
Eloquent, fluent, comforting and suggestive. (She sounds flirty but never means anything by it)
Action Tags:
Scratches neck/back of head & sits crosslegged.
Verbal Tags:
"Humm..." - "Too much negative energy." - "Who did mother send to get me this time?"
Shes nonconformist. Keeps her mind open to all ideas and possibilities.
Sense of Humor:
Witty & whimsical - has dark humour - loves a good harmless prank.
"Do no harm and take no s**t"
Preferred Clothing:
Comfy clothing - loves her jacket, bells and high heels.
Admirable Traits:
- Woman of focus.
- Strong will.
- Patience.
- Trys to keep the peace.
- Looks after others before herself.
- Stoic: Hides her pain to see tasks through.
- Handles negativity of most kinds very well.
- Has a calm and warm composure.
Negative Traits:
- Stubborn.
- Forgetful.
- Can be hard to reach sometimes.
- Gets grumpy when in pain, horns hurt or tail is swollen.
- Gets stuck in her own thoughts.
- Neat freak.
- Very short.
- Ambidextrous.
- Twitches in her sleep.
- Has a limp (walks crooked on one side)
- Has a huge obsession with street and comfort food.
- Hardly seen without her heels.
- Body gets stiff. (Seen clutching her back on bad days)
- Squints a lot (Needs glasses all the time)
- Struggles to wake up without coffee.
- On bad days she comes across sort of detached - rarely shows emotion.
- Has some noticeable physical tiks, like a twitch, random shivers and shakes.
Special Items:
On her person
- Jacket, Heels, hoodie
- Leg braces sometimes.
- Glasses.
- Hover board.
Bad Habits:
- Cracking limbs in public.
- Overuses the snooze button.
- Quiet and detached when in pain.
- Over indulges with foods she loves.
- Uses vulgar language when she can't think stright.
Pet Peeves:
- Messy places
- Negative energy.
- Mother sending random people to get her to come home.
- Being told her ways of living are wrong.
- People who disrespect her and others she cares about.
- Forced conforming to belif systems or societal norms.
- People handling her stuff and leaving smudge marks
- Being disbelieved when she talks about her pain and struggles.
Favorite Foods:
Street food and all things noodles. Loves coffee.
Favorite Colors:
Pink, black, off white, gold.
Favorite Places:
Starvonia beach & Lumentia city.
Home Life:
Princess life: Renko born of royal blood in Lumentia was forced to learn lady like ways as a child. Family life seemed smothering, over protective and boring which didn't seem to suit her much.
She left home because she wanted to know the truth of Lumentia's past which her mother was despratly hiding from her and the rest of Lumentia. Before Renko left home she was constantly feeling on edge and noticed something calling out to her like an itch in the back of her head she couldne't ignore any longer. So she travaled to Starvonia which is where she met her future husband Taro.

Meanwhile her mother being such a worry wort would nag at her two other daughters Kit and Ayaka about Renko never being given the throne responcability after this and put up bounties for Renko's retrival on a regular basis to spite her.
This lead to Renko constantly being harassed or attacked by many bounty hunters wanting the queen's money in exchange for her and Taro having to defend her every move until Renko uncoverd the truth.

After uncovering the truth of the ebongold war that happend 1000's of years ago, learning of the first manahorns were actually ebontouched dragons and the fact they are sitting ontop of a sunken island.
The voice she was hearing was none other than Taro's ancestor who was the first ebontouched dragon to exsist that caused the colaps of the old world.
Wanting her to break him free, he tried to appeal to her soft nature by offering his powers and immortality in exchange for his relise to the world. She had none of this knowing the risks involved she used her birth defect to absorb what power he had left and sealed him away once more.

Life now:
Renko is married to Taro much to her mothers disapproval and became queen of Starvonia's old sunken island. She renovated the place giving home and rafuge to outcast dragons touched by the same affliction and the dark creatures that dwell in the caverns below.

RANDOM INFO: She still gets the odd hunter on her doorstep because some of the wanted posters still exist and the odd idol fan.
- Vanille
- Lexis
- Al
- Trish
- Kayda
- Kit
- Irn
- Mr Burns (Vanill's brother)
- Taro (Husband) https://www.ocbin.com/id/159/
- Akari (Mother)
- Kit (younger sister)
- King ____ (Father)
- Ayaka (Youngest sister)
Lawful neutral
Lamentian & Starvonian