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Kobayashi "Renko" - 恋心
The small
"I'm sleepy..."
恋心 - Renko is my main sona.
Also known as Renko the Small, Sunshine or Pyjama princess (by her husband)

Summery bio -
Renko is a travelling merchant that specializes in selling magical objects, talismans, potions, enchanted weapons and other oddities that she finds on her travels.
She travels around Lumentia with her protector and loving husband Taro.
While Renko has settled for a slower life due to health issues, it has never stopped her interests being peeked when someone mentions adventure.

She's an experienced mage that has harnesed all kinds of magical arts.
NOTE: Using magic can apply pressure to Renko's body and has affects on her health if over exerted. With this in mind she tries not to overstep her energy boundry unless in danger.

Colours change from muted yellow/pink to bright red due to health issues
Anyone can draw Ren but please ask me first.

Please don't draw NSFW art of her!
(Only acceptation is when myself or my husband get commissions.)
Is Sona
330 years
Lumentian Manahorn - (closed species dragon)
4ft 5inc
Body Type:
Travailing merchant / Freelance dungon crawler
Past Occupation:
Tea maker
- Travel / adventure
- Tea shops
- Studying arcane arts
- Potion brewing
- Making money
- Finding rare objects
- Studying wild life & watching nature
- Mythology & story telling
- Geology (collecting rocks, crystals and minerals or fossil specimens)
- Astrology
- Rune & tea reading
- Wit
- Quick thinking
- Good haggler / can drive a bargain
- Has a good eye for rare objects
- Potion making
- Drinks fresh hot tea without flinching
- Very limber
- Eye for details
- Language translation
- Studying History
- Studying Mana and witchcraft
- Casting/dispelling magic
- Rune and Glyph translation
- Curses and Hexes
- Illusion magic
- Nature magic
- Alchamy
- Rituals
- Mana surge -
Her horns are always coverd using special ofuda bandages and ornait coverings due to the amount of concerntrated mana escapeing her horns. The light blast omiting from her horns can temporery blind people (inclusing herself.) and soemtimes worse if not coverd quickly.
(This issue is linked to her health condition and can be a struggle controlling it.)
HOWEVER! This problem comes in handy for many occasions as the light is usually very hot.
Examples: 1. When in danger she can uncover them to use as a weapon. 2. Useful for cooking.
(Taro calls her - little sunshine due to this trope)

- Tail flail -
Sometimes when her body is stressed out the mana flow is distrupted and has no where to go but through her horns.
But with keeping them coverd there is nowhere for the mana to escape. This can lead to her tail becoming swolen up.
Depending on how heavy her tail is, she can swing up around or use it as a counter weight in some situations.
(You'll see that from some of her art work.)

- Hybermobility - (Can bend her body, limbs and tail in strange ways.)
Its less of a talent and more of a body disorder she deals with.
Details Overlooked:
- Shes naturally short but wares very high heals for height.
When she takes off her heals people are surprised at how short she is.

- Right eye twitching when people anger her.

- She likes skimpy clothing if she can get away with it.
Her style revolves around a futuristic, comfy aesthetic.
Mystery fresh/fruity smell (Blackcurrant blossom, Spinach leaf and Frankincense.)
Velvet/peach fuzzy and smooth belly.
Eye Color:
Yellow or orange (Has a flame glow in the dark)
Hair Style:
Long tied up OR short bob.
Busty - 34D to DD? (Sizes vary in the world)
Dwarfed in hight with a very long tail.
Personality Type:
INFP - Mysterious, happy, helpful, sisterly, caring, vibrent, stoic, warm, spiritual & whimsical.
Speaking Style:
Eloquent, fluent, comforting and suggestive. (She sounds flirty but never means anything by it)
Action Tags:
Scratches neck/back of head & sits cross leged.
Verbal Tags:
"Humm..." - "AH a customer!" - "To much negative energy."
Shes nonconformist. Keeps her mind open to all ideas and possibilities.
Sense of Humor:
Witty & whimsical - has dark humour - loves a good harmless prank.
"Do no harm and take no s**t"
Preferred Clothing:
Comfy clothing - loves her jacket, bells and high heels.
Admirable Traits:
- Woman of focus.
- Strong will.
- Patience.
- Looks after others before herself.
- Stoic: Hides her pain to see tasks through.
- Sustainable living (travals light, only replaces things if she needs to.)
- Gives back to nature if she takes anything.
- Handles negativity of most kinds very well.
- Has a calm and warm composure.

- Although Renko charges for her wares most of the time she is sometimes seen giving poor people healing supplies for free because she takes pity on them.

- Takes care of her husband Taro even though hes the muscle.
He cares for Renko in more than just a husband way, he sometimes has to be her carrer and deal with onset chronic pain or illness situations.
She feels very guilty when this happens, so when shes well Renko tries her level best to take care of him.
Negative Traits:
- Stubborn.
- Forgetful.
- Can be hard to reach.
- Sometimes judgmental
- Gets grumpy when in pain.
- Gets stuck in her own thoughts.
- Argumentative soemtimes. (When passionate)
- Tends to rip off snobby people if they flaunt to much money in her shop.
- (Rarely happens) Self sabotages if things don't work out in her favor.
- In really extreme cases she will curse people who wrong her.
(You have to have done something very bad to make her do this.)
- Neat freak.
- Very short.
- Ambidextrous.
- Twitches in her sleep.
- Sometimes has a stutter.
- Has a limp (walks crooked on one side)
- Has a huge obsession with food
- Hardly seen without her heels.
- Sleeps on a magical cloud for comfort.
- Body gets stiff. (Seen clutching her back on bad days)
- Squints a lot (Needs glasses all the time)
- Struggles to wake up without coffee.
- Corrects people when they use the wrong word for her wares
- On bad days she comes across sort of detached - rarely shows emotion.
- Has some noticeable physical tics, like a twitch, random shivers and shakes.
Special Items:
On her person
- Bell earrings
- Jacket
- Heels
- Leg braces.
- Jacket with detachable fur lining for cold travals.
- Glasses.
- Choker.
- Staff. (Used as walking cane)
- Grimoire.
- Small bag for collecting rocks, crystals ect.

In magical limbo storage (Pocket of space)
- Potion kit
- Tea set
- Runes & Crystal bag
- Important books
- Librery of books.
- Medical bag
- Herb bag
- Home away from home. (Travals between places similer to a beach in death stranding)
Bad Habits:
- Cracking limbs in public.
- Overuses the snooze button.
- Quiet and detached when in pain.
- Over indulges with foods she loves
- Talks to herself when thinking in dangerous situations.
- Uses vulgar language when she can't think stright.
Pet Peeves:
- Messy books
- Negative energy.
- Being told her ways of living are wrong.
- People who disrespect nature and living enviroments.
- Forced conforming to belife systems or societal norms.
- People handling her wares and leaving smudge marks
- Being disbelived when she talks about her pain and struggles.
Favorite Foods:
Sushi, smoked/fried fish, fresh vegetables and all things noodles. Loves drinking tea and coffee.
Favorite Books:
Anything educational or mythological
Favorite Colors:
Black, white, gold, amaranth and teal
Lawful neutral
Lamentian & Haridrayan (My world languages), Human languages fluently.