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"Let me sing a requiem for you..."

I'm a hobby artist and a casual gamer. I like floofy and koot anthros, so I started to draw them. Some sources say that I am a professional programmer, but I assure you that is just a bug. I'm not too creative with self introductions, so this will have to do now...
gloves, feet and tip of ears
hair and tail
main coat
muzzle, belly, inner side of extremities
nose and paw pads
Fanart is welcome! Suggestive and sexy is okay.
(please ne discrimination, hate, violent or extreme fetishes please)
Beth is the daughter of the local Inn keeper (who was an adventurer herself) and a Sky Mage from the Western lands.
At an early age the began to help out her mother running the Inn, but pretty soon found herself longing for adventure and exiting stories.
Soon after her father went missing she decided to set out to bring him home.
Thus running away from home and jumping right in her own adventures.
Her mother was letting her go, seeing her off in secret.

Woe to those who think she is a helpless lass, for they will bend their knees to a fierce whilwind.
Her mother, master of the sword, trained her from an early age.
Steeling her to fight for herself and continueing her warrior heritage.
Furthermore Beth inherited her fathers affinity for Sky Magic, enabling her to control sounds and creating music that is able to affect creatures in various ways.

After seven years of adventuring her search turned up nothing.
She decided to return to her mother, who in turn welcomed her daughter harsh but affectionate.
But to this day she hasn't given up on finding her father...
Body Type:
athletic but curvy
Bard, Sky Mage, Adventurer
Past Occupation:
Sky Magic / Wind Chime:
This Magic allows it's user to bend the wind to their will.
Some use the air as a sharp blade to cut through almost anything or an unrelenting storm strong enough to eradicate small cities.
Beths unique bond with Sky Magic enables her to maniplulate the sound that travels through the air to create enchanted tunes affecting all creatures nearby.
This Form of Sky Magic is called Wind Chime, after the instruments that play music in the wind.
Some songs are soothing, some are envigorating and some are damaging. To be able to cast such songs, one has to use an instrument or ones own voice.

Sword Dance:
A sword style that combines fluent movement with skilled swordmanship.
The user appears to be dancing, thus the name. Beth's mother, a grandmaster sworddancer, taught her this style from an early age on.
She wanted her daughter to continue the family tradition and to go on adventures.
To be able to perform the movements required, one has to use their whole body and a special breathing technique.

*Unfortunatley Beth cannot use Wind Chime and Sword Dance at the same time. So for most of her life she had to plan ahead.
> being honest and open
+ she has no problem telling others how she feels and getting along with most people
- unable to be discreet and keeping secrets
> creative and overly imaginative
+ able to find unorthodox solutions and hatching plans on the fly
- tends to lose herself in fantasies and chase rainbows
> she is able to speak multiple languages and even read some of the lost tonques. Enabling her to devour Stories and Legends
> is able to quickly analyze people and making them spill secrets
Songs (she loves to sing),
Poetry (Beautiful words that capture her heart),
Legends and Novels (captivating stories) and
Visiting new Places (She has a strong Wanderlust)
Details Commonly Overlooked:
her arms are adorned by fingerless glove-like fur patterns, likewise her legs got a toeless stocking fur pattern (they are not actual gloves/socks, but she can wear actual gloves/socks over them^^)
Strawberry (from a nice and relaxing bathing supplement)
floofy and very soft (soo soft)
Eye Color:
Emerald green
most of the time a Ponytail
C and proud of it^^
Personality Type:
carefree but sly
Speaking Style:
well versed and lyric
Action Tags:
singing a beatiful song
Verbal Tags:
"Hey there! My name is Beth. What is yours?"
Sense of Humor:
likes wordplays and witty comments
"Always look an othe bright side of life~!" (whistles)
anything light and you can move freely in
Special Items:
The Sound Clefver

A straight sword made from a special metal called Mythrill. It is light and easy to use.
The special characteristic of the sword are its deepenings forged into the blade.
Swordmasters are able to let the sword sing with each movement.
Creating a strange sound that is able to confuse the enemy.

Beth encountered one exemplar deep inside the crystal dungeon, that must have been sleeping there for many milenia.
With this weapon she is able to combine her Sword Dance with her Wind Chime.
Creating powerful melodies, with each swing. (and a little help of conventional Sky Magic)
This new fighting style earned her the title "Steel Bard".