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Anxious WWI Veteran
120 lbs
Body Type
September 4th, 1899
Reading and cooking
Eye Color
Light Brown
Hair Style
Black and Curly
Speaking Style
Soft-spoken, formal, and elaborate. He sounds like he came out of the Romanticism Era.
Everyone is his enemy and no one is to be trusted. Allyship is temporary and transactional at best.
"Home? I don't even know where that is anymore."
He was born in the Flute clan with the name Kuwa.

Residential School
When he was the age of 9, he was taken from his family in Northern Arizona, and placed in the Phoenix Indian School, which was a residential school. There, he was stripped of his name and had his hair cut. He chose his Anglicized name from a list of names on a chalkboard when he first arrived at the school.

He was trained in cheap labor, disguised as vocational skills. He was forced to learn English and practice Christian beliefs. Frederick learned to adjust to his new environment and somehow managed to survive, unlike some of his classmates who were more unfortunate. Frederick became more withdrawn and quieter in the process. He excelled at his scant literature classes, and it became one of his favorite subjects. For him, reading became an escape from the abusive environment.

The Great War
He enlisted into World War One once he graduated high school. He volunteered for the war out of a desire to prove he was as capable as any other citizen. He assumed military life would be no different than the strict environment he came from. He did not truly consider the consequences of war until he was overseas on his way to combat.

During the war, he remained a private, serving as an infantry scout.

After the war, Frederick began to develop shellshock symptoms. His physical symptoms grew so severe, he had to seek medical treatment for it. Even after treatment, his psychogenic tremor never went away, making him reliant on a cane at times for the rest of his life.

He was stationed in Germany for about 5 months, where he struck up a desperate and ultimately dysfunctional romantic relationship with another veteran.

When he returned to America, he travelled around the country penniless, taking on odd jobs while he worked on his poetry. Once he managed to publish his only poetry collection, he moved back to Arizona, where sought to reconnect with his family. Once with his maternal clan, the Bluebird clan, he was renamed Hikwsu.
Poetry, novels, historical and cultural research, travel, food
Military History
- Volunteered for WWI in May 1917 at the age of 17 by lying about being the age of 18.
- He was assigned to Battery A of the 340th Field Artillery regiment. He was sent to Camp Funston on September 5th, 1917 for approximately 10 months of training.
- Sent overseas on June 13, 1918 and landed in England on June 28th, 1918. His unit then landed in France in July 6, 1918.
- Entered the front on September 12th, 1918. Entered combat on September 17th - September 18th.
- Arrived in Murlenbach, Germany in December 9th, 1918 for Occupation.
- Returned to America in May 1919.
- He doesn't like being called doughboy. He pictures it literally.
- He has lots of bird motifs throughout his character arc.
- He frequently gets headaches and stomachaches due to his anxiety.
Negative Traits
He’s quiet, blunt, and skittish. He tends to talk with a soft whisper. Because of his flighty nature, he’s easily agitated, short tempered, and has been known to punch things out of fright. Despite this, he refuses to let his nervous, irate nature get the best of him.
He cries about his trauma. A lot. He is a very emotional and passionate man, and feels so much more than just survivor’s guilt. Anything but badass. He’s kind of pathetic with his actions, actually, and it’s hard to tell he’s a veteran. Honestly? All around he’s a fucking coward. And that’s okay.