OC Bin
American Glamrock Artist
127 lbs
Body Type
Rock Artist
December 4th, 1948
Birth Name
Gary James Alderson
Eye Color
Hair Style
Short and Auburn
Preferred Clothing
Glitter, Heart patterns, Star patterns, Revealing shirts, Feather Boas, Platform Boots
"Gary Alderson? Please. Call me Roy. Alderson's a bit of a silly last name to be sayin' out loud, don't you think?"
He was born in California. His father left him as a baby after his mother announced she wanted to go into modelling, which she did anyways. Roy turned to music as his escape as a minor, frequently listening to acid rock classics as a teenager.

With only his guitar in hand and his mother's connections to Hollywood, he set out to make a name for himself at the age of 20.

Start of Career
He was eventually picked up by his manager, and became an instant one-hit wonder thanks to clever marketing, his mother's connections, and his natural talent.

Inspired by the glamrock scene in Britain, Roy decided to go all in with it. With his manager's permission, he switched his brand from the shy, subdued heartthrob with the long hair to the wanton, brazen young man the public came to see him as.

Trouble Ahead
Underneath his work and all of the parties lied a troubled relationship with his manager, one that can be best described as sexually abusive. His manager would push for him to sexualize himself on the stage, something which gave Roy body issues and eventually bulimia. Roy Hopper had many stints with drugs, but when cocaine became popular on the celebrity scene, it became his one true love, so to speak.

To escape the pain of the controlling relationship with his manager, Roy would frequently take trips across the world, but especially London and NYC. During a stint in NYC, he met a homeless prostitute named Chad, who he fell deeply in love with. He would frequently fly him out to California and give him money, but at the end of the day, it was not enough to keep his affection. One day, he gave him enough money to get a house, and they broke it off after that. Heartbroken, Roy wrote an entire album chronicling their relationship.

The Beginning of Lola Brown

Crashing Down
One day, Roy's tolerance for his abuse from his manager and drug addiction came to a head after a particularly nasty incident of sexual abuse. He almost overdosed on cocaine and had to be taken to rehab. After that, he was able to finally break away from his manager, and eventually retire with his newfound wife.
- His brief foray into the disco genre was popular, and something he surprisingly enjoyed, at least at first.
- He chose the stage name Roy Hopper himself, as he has always hated his legal name.
- He refused to sleep with any underaged groupies, as he was always reminded too much of when his mother who would complain about how she become pregnant at a young age and thus lost her youth.
- Despite singing a lot of songs womanizers often identify with, his frequent muse for his more risque music was cocaine, which he would picture as a beautiful but deadly woman.
- He is often criticized for making shallow, borderline meaningless music by music critics, and by his peers for being "a druggie with a really good voice and strumming fingers." That being said, he was a strong opponent against the military-industrial complex, which he feels took his father away from him.
Flashy, campy, and arrogant, Roy Hopper is a well-beloved man who is aware of his popularity and takes full advantage of it. Everything he does has to be accompanied with some sort of extravagant flair.
Bad Habits
He tries to be healthy and a good man, but deep down he has a love for hedonism, and this bleeds into every aspect of his life. Deep down is a vulnerable man desperate to be loved, and a man who is insecure about his body and how he presents himself.