OC Bin
Distressed French Aristocrat
Mid 20s
Arctic Fox/Red Fox mix
163.5 cm
Body Type
Soft fur everywhere except for the arms and legs.
Eye Color
Pale, muted, gray-ish blue.
Personality Type
Lawful Neutral | ENFP | Virgo
Speaking Style
Soft Spoken or Voilatile, Dramatic, and Angry. No inbetween.
Classic Liberal
"Fur spun from silver / Trapped in an opulent cage / And yet she still sings."
Demure but social, quiet but passionate, deattached but obsessive, Blanche is a woman of contradictions. She feels as if she has a paw in two worlds: a passive, congenial self and a suppressed, monstrous hidden self.

Quite often, she finds it hard to suppress the abberant side of her self, at least around her husband. However, she has slipped the mask hiding her destructive side enough times in public to be labelled a "madwoman" who needs to be shielded away from the general public and have her behavior corrected.

She comes from a mixed family of her paternal side being French sugar and/or spice barons personally involved in the colonization of Haiti and India. Her mother's side is descended from Russian merchants involved in the Siberian fur trade.

In short, she is considered to be a part of high French society and aristocracy due to her father's side of the family having connections to the top economists in France, as well as to the former royal Napoleon family.

Both of her parents were absent from her childhood, both physically and emotionally. When her father was not occupied with buisness meetings or when her mother wasn't tending to her litters of other children, the unrelenting pressure of being an eligible woman of the manor was on her back.

The only parental figures she had in her lavish family home were the rotation of governesses and nannies the De Lalande family went through. For every bright-eyed governess that entered the house, a weary and bitter one left just as fast, a screaming and crying Blanche clinging onto her leg all the while.

It was easy for Blanche to slip through the cracks unnoticed, and she chose to stick to her books and secluded hobbies instead.

When she entered high society as an adult, everything changed for her. She seemed to find her voice, and it was then she met her future husband, Dieterich. Though their courtship was quick, Blanche's parents were pleased with her selection of a bachelor, and approved their marriage.
Reading, Studying Languages, Sewing, Embroidering, Ballroom Parties