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Female (She/her)
5'9, 175 cm

Toxic is quite withdrawn when it comes to others, as she has a hard time with words and cannot express gratitude or interest well in the slightest; her displaying this often makes her come off as rude and disinterested, regardless of her trying her best to avoid this. She just has severe social anxiety, and this often causes her to mix her words up and speak what others can only interpret as nonsense. Regardless, she tries to be polite and kind, however, this usually ends with her seeming the opposite.

Never in Toxic's life has she had an easy time communicating with others and making friends. She mostly keeps to herself, especially when facing problems; she refuses to accept assistance from others and will often become aggressively stubborn when help is offered.

Toxic is obsessively interested in extraterrestrial life; she has collected anything she's managed to get her hands on relating to aliens. Along with this, she is interested in the occult and loves horror. She is a fan of horror fiction and has a love for anything that may be seen as "creepy."


♥ She dropped out of high school.

♥ She wears colored contacts. Her real eye color is brown.

♥ She is neurodivergent.

♥ She has Auditory Processing Disorder.

♥ She has a large number of followers online, even though all she posts is an outfit check once a month.

♥ She goes raving at least once a week.

♥ She has a reoccurring dream where she gets abducted by aliens. She uses this as definitive proof that aliens are real.

♥ She is fond of video games! Especially RPGs.

♥ She is susceptible to loud sounds and will often jump in reaction to them if they are sudden. She also has misophonia and has negative reactions to the sounds of snoring and eating, as well as repetitive noises.

♥ She can pick up scents of nonhumans and tell when someone isn't human.

♥ She is terrified of conflict and, as a result, usually does as she's told.

♥ She's hesitant when it comes to entering romantic relationships as she has had her heart broken numerous times.

♥ She had her name legally changed when she turned 18; her birth name is unknown.