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Choco Hazelnut Cookie
King's watchdog
""I hate you all. You especially.""
SOMBER-GHOUL (Woah that's me)
Massive Russian military general, will add more, eventually, testing out this site first hoohoo
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Gore okay
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Reference Sheet
Humanoid.. cookie? What is he
Body Type:
Military General
Hazelnut often enjoys time alone, either training or by a warm fire at night sipping tea. Despite his outward appearance, and claim to hate children, he also enjoys spending time with his daughter, he pampers his daughter even if his visits are uncommon, often bringing her sweets and lavish clothes, even if it means the general cannot feed himself for a week or so. Hazelnut loves training and working out, making him a strong opponent
Choco Hazelnut is a cruel man, he has a strong hatred towards everyone who crosses his path, he hates those who beg and has a superiority complex, thinking he is above everyone else. Choco Hazelnut lived in the Citadel his whole life, though he lived in the run down part of the citadel, where guards rarely roamed and watchers were never assigned, due to this and the crime and cruelty he had witnessed his whole life, he has a strong hatred for the King, seeing him as a bastard who doesn't protect his subjects, he is a cruel man who doesn't care for anyone's well being, becoming what he hated in Cacao, a cruel, careless man who will do anything to be seen as superior. Choco Hazelnut has a daughter, who wasn't planned, she is the only child the man can stand, but even then his parenting techniques are awful, he is a horrible father who often leaves his daughter with a nanny for months on end, he makes it obvious he never wanted a kid, but he still cares greatly for the small cookie, though he would never admit it.

Choco Hazelnut was executed after a fight with the prince, breaking his nose and some of his ribs, which punctured one of his lungs, If it weren't for Affogato stopping him in his rage filled state, he would have killed the Prince.

Before being hung, Choco Hazelnut swore on his last breath that the prince deserved the attack, seeing the prince as nothing but pure evil. He stated that he was disappointed he was stopped, that he really wished to see the prince dead by his hands.
Hazelnut is by proxy, a strong man, he is able to carry most things some may not even be able to budge, but he is not invincible, he has fairly delicate skin which cut very easily, hence why he wears such thick clothing. His incredible strength also has a downside, that he overworks himself on an almost daily basis, causing him to be prone to passing out.
Dark chocolate, sweat
Scarred, very scarred
Eye Color:
Hair Style:
Long, slightly curly, has many gray hairs
Big man tits
Personality Type:
Cruel, mean, stubborn, depressed
Speaking Style:
Loud and with a very heavy Russian accent
Action Tags:
Tapping his foot, biting nails, scratching at hands
Verbal Tags:
He often says various swears on a regular
That Caoao is a bitchass ruler who doesn't deserve his throne
Sense of Humor:
Preferred Clothing:
Thick, heavy coats, training wear, armor
Admirable Traits:
Honesty, hardworking, dedication
Negative Traits:
Bluntness, stubbornness, overall cruelty, actively kills children
Special Items:
His spear and helmet
Bad Habits:
He kills children. That says enough
Pet Peeves:
People being sweet towards him, people trying to force him how to smile, people not respecting his orientation
Very meat heavy, though he also enjoys bowls of porridge and dark chocolate
Favorite Foods:
dark chocolate, he eats it very rarely
Favorite Colors:
Purple, pink, though he will never admit it
Favorite Places:
He only goes to the citadel
Home Life:
Awful, he lived in a very poor income household, he grew up without much food. He lived in a very run down house, before moving to the citadel. His life improved once he moved to the citadel, now he is a heavily respected man with his own private area in the citadel.
Choco Bark Cookie- An ex lover who he still has fond memories of, his only friend.
Hazelnut Affogato Cookie- His daughter who, no matter what he says, he would destroy the citadel for