OC Bin
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Male (He/him)
6’6, 198 cm
Bisexual, female preference

Xiǎo is a self-indulgent boy who acts for himself and his enjoyment and pleasure only. He’s social and outgoing; communicating with others and getting attention is what gets him going and what motivates him to continue to do it more. He’s very self-focused and tries to spend most if not all of his time doing something he finds interesting or fun; he cares little about anything at all and just likes to focus on having fun even if it comes off as insensitive for whatever reason. He's afraid of taking responsibility for anything, especially important or notable things.

Xiǎo is bad at differentiating people based on their needs or what's appropriate for them. He will treat children the same as he treats adults when it comes to socializing with them; he won't hold back from cursing up a storm and visibly taking drugs in front of children.

However, despite all of the trouble he gets himself into, Xiǎo likes the way he is and would rather not change.


♥ He has a faint Sheffield dialect.

♥ He's blunt and honest, even when he has no place to be.

♥ He dislikes children.

♥ He doesn't like his hair being messed with.

♥ He doesn't think education is essential.

♥ He's terrible at cooking and drawing, much to his dismay.

♥ He likes British tea, his favorite being Earl Grey.

♥ His diet mainly consists of junk food and Chinese takeout.

♥ He's hard to anger.

♥ He takes psychedelics.

♥ His favorite movie is Dazed and Confused.

♥ He likes playing pranks on others.

♥ He's not good at using chopsticks. His drug intake causes his fingers to shake too much. This frustrates him to no end.

♥ He doesn't get embarrassed. Ever.

♥ He has no concept of personal space.

♥ He becomes shamelessly flirty around girls; he doesn't shy away from letting out sexual quips, comments, pick-up lines, and his fantasies.

♥ He watches anime, his favorite genres being dark fantasy and harem.

♥ He has an interest in jewels and 'shiny things'.

♥ He's fond of Han dynasty swords and martial arts.

♥ He's secretly into Sanrio; his favorite character is Retsuko!

♥ He and Drakkar are friends with benefits.