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??? (He/she/they)
5'0, 152 cm

Nana is a withdrawn and private person, they avoid contact with people as much as possible. They prefer not to share personal details with others unless they know for certain they can trust them. They are also quite uncomfortable with physical contact, so hugs are never an option.

Nana is a loner, and they prefer spending their time alone. While they occasionally would like to spend time with friends, they have none due to their health issues and living circumstances. They are completely content with this though.

Nana is very interested in witchcraft. They like practicing in their room and gathering essential oils, herbs, food, and everyday objects from around the house to create their spell and rituals. They also have an unhealthy obsession with what they deem "strange"; this includes paranormal and supernatural activity. They have a habit of putting their interests before their safety when it comes to things they deem interesting.


♥ They lived in an asylum as an orphan for 5 years before being adopted by Nelson's parents.

♥ They have a fascination with death.

♥ They can speak English and a little bit of French.

♥ They have a Californian dialect.

♥ They hoard stuffed animals and dolls.

♥ They are terribly afraid of dogs due to an accident that occurred when they were 10, which resulted in their face being severely scarred.

♥ They remember very little about their past; one of the two memories they could remember clearly is their birth mother making hot chocolate for them every time they were sad.

♥ They never take their mask off in public. They’re too embarrassed to show their face.

♥ They panic when people try taking their mask off.

♥ They’re constantly having migraines.

♥ They have a fish and peanut allergy.

♥ They are anemic.

♥ Physically, they are very weak.

♥ They grow hostile when being pushed around.

♥ They experience chronic pain due to muscular dystrophy.

♥ They are reliant on painkillers. They always dread having to take them, as they wish they didn’t have to rely on pills for them to feel comfortable.

♥ They get bloody noses often.

♥ They have a weak immune system.

♥ They often experience dissociative episodes when recalling a traumatic event or memory.

♥ They have misophonia and have negative reactions to the sounds of snoring and eating, as well as repetitive noises.

♥ They are neurodivergent.

♥ They have a flat affect.

♥ They have a hard time comprehending jokes and often take things literally.

♥ They know how to read braille.

♥ They refuse to accept help from anyone and will become aggressively stubborn if help is offered.

♥ They hate when adults baby them.

♥ They are secretly a hopeless romantic.

♥ They don't know how to swim.

♥ They have a pet centipede named Mister Mandibles.

♥ They have the ability to sense when people are not human. However, they are unaware of this ability and simply believe something is off about anyone nonhuman.