OC Bin
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20+ (physically, unkown actual age)
Male (He/him)
6’0, 183 cm
Bodyguard - Gang leader

Jin is quite apathetic and hard to please. Nothing seems to interest him, let alone impress him, though, he doesn't expect anything to impress him, and one may grow frustrated if trying to receive his attention. Due to his negative reactions to most everything, others perceive him to be rude and distant. This would be an accurate perception of him if you're not particularly close to him. He doesn't mind being seen this way, however. As one can guess, he's apathetic to it. What causes him to become emotional would be anything triggering the memories he still carries of his past. Due to what he's experienced, Jin suffers from PTSD.

Jin reveals little to no information about himself, as he claims to not know most information asked for. He reveals absolutely nothing about his history, giving the same excuse over and over. He's a very good liar, and most people don't catch on to his lies. Not to mention he has an uncomfortable presence, keeping others from pushing further for more information.


♥ He has a Western American dialect.

♥ He's always seen wearing his glasses.

♥ He has a dragon tattoo on his upper left arm.

♥ He doesn't get embarrassed. Ever.

♥ He has severe blood lust.

♥ He loves getting into physical fights.

♥ He smokes cigarettes and marijuana. Once in a while, he'll smoke opium.

♥ He enjoys drinking. His favorite alcohols are whiskey, sake, and gin.

♥ He has a bit of a gambling addiction.

♥ He becomes very destructive when angry or upset.

♥ If he's annoyed at something or someone, he'll throw whatever he's got in his hands at the source of irritation. This could be a remote, a bottle, a brick, etc.

♥ He purposely calls people the wrong name to piss them off.

♥ He has a bad habit of cracking his knuckles.

♥ He collects different kinds of weapons.

♥ He's a dog lover and owns 4 dogs. They’re ghoul hounds that he uses for intimidation and “getting rid” of evidence.

♥ His diet mainly consists of meat and junk food. He gets most of his meals from street vendors.

♥ He hates sweets.

♥ He loves the nightlife.

♥ He smells of cologne, leather, and smoke.

♥ Physically, he is incredibly strong. He can lift up to 5000 lbs.

♥ He has amazing speed.

♥ He can control fire.

♥ He has a deadly glare.

♥ He's secretly a masochist.

♥ He hates the sound of church and temple music, especially chants; it brings up bad memories.