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Male (He/him)
5’7, 170 cm
Asexual Acoromantic

Mint initially comes off as a disinterested and unconcerned individual with a tendency to brush others off very easily. Though he's only been around for a short amount of time, he feels like he's already seen everything the world has to offer. He feels apathetic towards nearly everything and is simply bored.

However, if you happen to catch his attention, Mint’s personality will take a huge turn; he’ll become smug and mischievous, messing around with those that interest him by teasing them, playing tricks on them, or even lying to them. He tends to disregard the safety and comfort of most of the people around him; he’s also reckless regarding his own safety. Though, despite his chaotic behavior, he isn't a danger most of the time. He is capable of causing serious harm to others, he just chooses not to, as it takes the fun out of everything. He only ever engages in violence when absolutely necessary, such as protecting his or his friends’ lives.

Mint loves to swim and swims every chance he gets. His jacket is waterproof so he doesn’t have to worry about his clothes getting soaked; not that it would bother him, either way. He also likes water-based activities and rainy seasons; he especially enjoys fishing and visiting ponds.

About his tail: a long tail that possesses a mouth of its own. It relies on outside stimuli such as smell to guide its actions. If the tail smells something alluring, it will bite. It is unable to speak, however, it can make noises and has its own hungry will. Will sweep anything that it thinks is food (sizes from pebbles to small animals such as small dogs); which often results in a bad stomachache for Mint. Is always hungry and makes creepy "shishishishi" giggles when demanding food. Is more like a pet than a tail in Mint's case. When Mint is eating by himself, his tail makes chewing and swallowing motions as if it were also eating. Mint can use his tail as a way for defense/attack by catching what is thrown at him with its mouth, but spat out if he does not like the taste. The tongue color changes depending on what it eats (yellow is default color)(i.e. spicy food = red ; bitter = green ; salty = white ; sweet = pink ; etc). Very rarely will it reject food unless allergic (oranges will create spots if eaten and make it puke constantly). When the tail eats large quantities of one thing, it causes nausea for Mint.


♥ He is often mistaken for a girl.

♥ He has a natural stoic expression.

♥ He has a Kyoto-ben dialect.

♥ He doesn’t have many hobbies.

♥ He can speak Japanese and a decent amount of English.

♥ He tries to avoid anything that could deter his health (alcohol, smoking, etc).

♥ He has difficulties with cell phones and basic technologies such as microwaves and laptops.

♥ He gets easily distracted.

♥ He has 2 stomachs, one for himself and one for his tail.

♥ He has a huge appetite.

♥ His favorite food is burgers.

♥ He collects coins of all sorts.

♥ He dislikes dry seasons as he becomes 2x more dehydrated than regularly.

♥ Despite his lean body type, he has good endurance and stamina.

♥ His abilities are water manipulation, wish-granting, remote viewing, and fear inducement.

♥ He absolutely despises kappas.

♥ He enjoys cooking in his free time, but most of the meals he makes are usually half-done, as his tail eats his cooking without his control.

♥ He is allergic to oranges.

♥ He physically gags at the thought of romance.

♥ He sleeps in rivers. His favorite sleeping spot is the Shakujii River in Tokyo, Japan.

♥ It is unknown how his horn broke.

♥ Flowers and vines grow inside his body. He coughs up petals from time to time due to this.