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21 (physically, unkown actual age)
Male (He/him)
Dream Satyr
5'10, 179 cm
Giving nice dreams

Hitomu is a gentle and caring being. He's a bit reserved and can be quite shy to strangers, but he can be outgoing in certain situations; he even has a goofy side that comes out whenever he's around Hitoshi.

Hitomu may seem like an airhead at times, but on the contrary, he's very smart and calculated. Whenever he's serious it seems a switch went off inside of him; he becomes blunt and even a bit cold in his focus. When angry, he's even worse; he can become ruthless and won't stop until his opponent pays. However, he generally doesn't get mad easily, and when others say mean things to him, he won't acknowledge it even if it obviously hurt him.

Hitomu has powers that can make neutralized or weaker dark thoughts and nightmares good again, turning the creatures that caused this into cute sheep for the person to count. They then go and "infect" smaller and weaker nightmares/dark thoughts. He can also heal the places that the creatures destroyed with his staff.

When face-to-face with a creature that creates nightmares, Hitomu can make them weaker and/or flee by shining a bright light on them with his staff. He wasn’t built to fight, but he does have a bow and arrows Hitoshi made to use in emergencies. His staff can be used to wack and he can give a good kick and punch too.

Hitomu’s weakness is being surrounded and trapped by dark thoughts and nightmares; they will slowly consume his thoughts, and he'll temporarily lose his mind and curl up in a ball. But Hitoshi is never too far and will save him.


♥ He has a Greek accent.

♥ He has a human and feral form.

♥ He is in a relationship with Hitoshi.

♥ He plays with his hair when flustered.

♥ When nervous, he prods the ground with his hooves, fiddles with his fingers, and looks away.

♥ He tries to keep Hitoshi in-check.

♥ If Hitoshi is in a bad mood, he will drop everything he’s doing and try cheering him up.

♥ He has a major sweet tooth. His favorite desserts are loukoumades, galaktoboureko, and kourabiethes.

♥ His favorite things to snack on are grapes and poppyseeds.

♥ He smells of tea and sweets.

♥ He has a strong dislike for anything bitter.

♥ He can speak Greek and a decent amount of English.

♥ He prefers colder seasons, as he can’t handle heat well.

♥ He can play the pan flute.

♥ His favorite activities are drinking wine, dancing to music, and reading.

♥ He is a sleepy type of drunk.

♥ He doesn’t like sleeping alone.

♥ He isn’t a morning person; he will be sleepy and doze off when just woken up.

♥ He hates bugs; if he sees one, he will freak out and beg others to get rid of it.

♥ He has very pretty handwriting.

♥ Growing up, he was ostracized by other satyrs.

Mint is the one who gave him and Hitoshi their current names.

♥ Despite being a creation of Dionysus, he works under Morpheus, the Greek God of sleep and dreams.

♥ Satyrs typically live up to 500 years of age, but he became immortal when he started working for Morpheus.