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21 (physically, unkown actual age)
Male (He/him)
Dream Satyr
5'11, 181 cm
Vanquishing nightmares

Hitoshi is a flirty and out-going individual; he can also be quite dramatic. He's definitely not the brightest crayon in the box; he's actually quite dense and will believe just about anything he's told, especially if it's from Hitomu. He also tends to take things the wrong way if not explained clearly, which has led him to many awkward and dicey situations that Hitomu usually has to get him out of, such as thievery and property damage.

Hitoshi has powers that can banish creatures that give you nightmares and can neutralize your nightmares and bad thoughts with his scythe or whip. The small pouch on his side holds a special powder that he blows on and it makes whatever he's fighting temporarily blind. He can also cast a few spells so the creatures he’s fighting are trapped. He can also give some powerful kicks and punches. He can be very taunting and cocky when fighting, and will even laugh and mock other creatures. He doesn't get mad easily and brushes off most hateful stuff with a crude remark, but when he's pissed, he's fucking pissed.

Hitoshi’s only weakness is when Hitomu is harmed. Besides that, he doesn’t really have any other weaknesses. as he is a creature that is supposed to conquer whatever is tormenting you.


♥ He has a Greek accent.

♥ He has a human and feral form.

♥ He is in a relationship with Hitomu.

♥ He enjoys being praised, especially by Hitomu.

♥ He gets jealous easily.

♥ When angry, he's quite huffy and he loudly clomps his hooves on the floor, like a goat ready to charge.

♥ If he doesn’t like someone, he won’t be afraid to show that dislike by throwing rude gestures at them(only when Hitomu isn’t looking).

♥ His tail wags whenever he's excited.

♥ He likes teasing others, especially Hitomu.

♥ He will eat almost anything, especially spicy and savory foods. His favorite dishes are fasolatha and spanakopita.

♥ His favorite things to snack on are grapes and poppyseeds.

♥ He prefers warmer seasons, as he can’t handle the cold well.

♥ He can play the tambourine.

♥ His favorite activities are drinking wine and dancing to music.

♥ When drunk, he is happy and hyperactive.

♥ He tends to bring up random conversation subjects out of nowhere.

♥ He uses a scythe and whip during battle.

♥ Physically, he is very strong.

♥ He’s an amazing climber.

♥ He doesn't know how to swim.

♥ He has sciurophobia due to an incident he had with a squirrel when trying to get an apple from a tree.

♥ He's constantly craving physical affection and will frequently 'torment' Hitomu for hugs and cuddles.

♥ He is an early bird.

♥ He dislikes rainy weather.

♥ He smells of spices and wood.

♥ He can speak Greek and a decent amount of English.

♥ He can be quite impatient but does his best to power through it.

♥ He believes bugs and weeds are a valid currency.

♥ He's a bit of a kleptomaniac.

♥ He constantly steals from food vendors. He gifts most of the food he steals to poor and homeless people.

♥ He likes to flirt with nymphs in his spare time.

Mint is the one who gave him and Hitomu their current names.

♥ Despite being a creation of Dionysus, he works under Morpheus, the Greek God of sleep and dreams.

♥ Satyrs typically live up to 500 years of age, but he became immortal when he started working for Morpheus.