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??? (Adult)
Demiboy (He/they)
Demon (Fusion)
5’3, 160 cm

Ashley is an unstable and aggressive entity. They are disorganized and have the worst mood swings, switching from tired and practically emotionless to violently excited. They're prone to starting arguments and their feelings on subjects and people vary in extremes, they'll go from loving to hating something in an instant, and they'll be very vocal about how they're feeling at the time. They’re also prone to not taking things seriously and being too laid back if not in an emotional state.

Ashley’s mood swings and destructive behavior are the results of the forced fusion between a demon, an incubus, and a yōkai. Often, these demons get into conflicts with one another, causing Ashley to feel mental and physical pain. They try to pacify the situation and stop the arguments, but quickly resort to crying, screaming, and self-harm, as they quickly become overwhelmed and don't know how to handle both the pain and the squabbling inside their head.

Ashley is manipulative and will do whatever it takes to get positive attention from others; most of their behavior is based on their desperation for love and affection from other people. They despise what they’ve become and believe being loved by those around them will make up for their self-hatred. They especially want validation from Berserk, as she's the perpetrator of the fusion, and want some sort of compensation for their everlasting torment.


♥ They are incredibly flexible.

♥ Their body becomes “melty” when upset to an alarming extent.

♥ When they talk, three different voices can be heard. The tones of these voices constantly change; they can go from monotonous to abnormally high and cheery.

♥ They become hostile regarding people touching their hair. The only person they allow to touch their hair is Berserk.

♥ They are fond of nuzzling, licking, and biting others to show affection.

♥ They are insecure about their height and wish to be taller.

♥ They are flirtatious.

♥ They fluctuate between hypersexual and sex-repulsed.

♥ They can duplicate their eyes and arms.

♥ They can turn their arms into black monster claws.

♥ Their diet primarily consists of sugary sweets and human flesh.

♥ They are ambidextrous.

♥ They have severe misophonia and will rage and claw at themself when triggered.