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Nelson Dillinger
Male (He/him)
5’10, 178 cm
Snuff content creator

Nelson is a withdrawn and private man. He keeps personal information to himself, knowing anything revealed could potentially be used against him in the future. He’s very observant and can notice even the most minor of changes in something, be it in speech or appearance. He only really pays attention to others when it's for gathering information. He’s mostly immune to forming any personal attachments with others, be it platonic or romantic. He is self-focused and self-absorbed and doesn’t think to consider the feelings or safety of those around him. He’s never had relatives to count on; he mostly raised himself and grew to be quite independent. He doesn’t seek input from other people, and when it is received, it will most likely be ignored. He isn’t interested in the opinions of others and makes no effort to appear as if he is. All of these aspects have caused him to be seen as disturbed and unapproachable among his peers when really this is only a sliver of Nelson's unpleasant persona.

Behind closed doors, Nelson is a cruel and ruthless man who kidnaps, tortures, rapes, and kills people for cash online, showing absolutely no mercy to his victims. He favors female victims but isn't hesitant regarding males either. He tends to drag out the abuse and deaths of his victims, as his audience prefers the buildup. Once he is "done" with a victim, he will dispose of their body by dismembering it and throwing the pieces into different parts of the ocean. Although he mainly records these killings for cash, he enjoys rewatching the recordings from time to time.

Overall, Nelson is a very very troubled individual. His only saving grace for any sort of acceptance is his physical appearance, really; he is objectively good-looking, and this has worked well enough for him to enter and cycle through countless relationships with different women; they tend to enter the relationship with an "I can fix him" mentality, not realizing what they're actually getting themselves into. Though, they would never get the chance to warn other potential victims once they discover his true nature, as the relationship would, of course, end in death.


Nana is his adoptive sibling.

♥ He can speak English and Korean.

♥ He has a Pacific Northwest dialect.

♥ He has BPD, NPD, and ASPD.

♥ He is very keen on having his personal space. He’s not exactly afraid of being touched, but unsolicited physical contact can and most likely will cause him to react loudly through a violent jerk or through a loud yell, which he rather not happen, especially in public.

♥ He hates flowers, but has a soft spot for poppies, specifically because he likes the way they look as if they’ve died from the inside, surrounded by red. He also likes dried snapdragons, as they look like tiny skulls.

♥ He has a venus fly trap that was gifted to him by Nana.

♥ Bugs make him uncomfortable.

♥ He is good at interpreting peoples' motives.

♥ Music-wise, he likes grunge and alternative rock.

♥ His favorite movie is Audition.

♥ He is a necrophiliac.

♥ He wears makeup.

♥ He paints his nails black.

♥ His natural hair color is blonde; he finds it embarrassing and tries his best to hide it.

♥ He smokes both cigarettes and weed.

♥ He used to be addicted to Xanax.

♥ He drinks monster energy like it's water.

♥ He can cook.

♥ He hates sweets.

♥ He did his piercings himself. Less visible piercings are on his tongue, nipples, and penis.

♥ He’s a bit of a clean freak.

♥ He doesn't like guns due to the fact that guns kill people too fast for his liking.

♥ His mask is made out of real rabbit fur.

♥ He has a photo album of his victims, before and after mutilation.

♥ He has a collection of random trophies from his past victims, such as a girl’s left sock, a watch band that he kept but removed the actual clock bit from, etc. He keeps them all in shoe boxes under his bed.

♥ He rarely leaves his home and spends most of his time online, as his work is through online transactions. Nana has to pressure him into going out.

♥ He wears sunglasses and a cloth face mask when out in public.

Nana is unaware of his occupation.

♥ He goes by the username Rabbit_Ripper.

♥ When recording, he wears his signature mask, white clothes, gloves, and an apron.

♥ He becomes hostile when people try taking pictures of him.

♥ He used to be a part of a cult. He left because he “got bored”.