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??? (He/she/they)
Fennec Fox-Bat Hybrid
5’0, 152 cm
bringing me comfort B’)
Donut is bubbly, childish, and a bit mischievous! They’re quite extroverted and enjoy meeting new people and making long-lasting friendships, but they won’t be friends with just anybody; they prefer to befriend people that could easily match their energy!

Donut holds a significant amount of affection for those they’re close to. They favor showing their affection through physical forms of endearment; they just love giving hugs and friendly kisses as a way of showing fondness, as long as that person is comfortable with those types of gestures.

Donut takes delight in playing pranks on others! They’re always harmless and never at the expense of anyone, but they definitely go out of their way to make sure their pranks don’t go unnoticed. Their go-to pranks are putting googly eyes on every household item, placing bubble wrap under the rugs, and filling up rooms with balloons. Once in a while, they’ll decide to replace all of the family photos with pictures of themself attempting to recreate said family photos. It makes everything all the more better if the prankee finds it funny too!


♥ They can’t fly well and always end up crashing.

♥ They love fried dough, especially doughnuts! Their favorite flavor is chocolate cream-filled.

♥ They aren’t allowed to have caffeine; they were literally bouncing off the walls last time they had it!

♥ They want to learn how to cook, but they’re too afraid of knives due to an incident with one of Zinc’s switchblades.

♥ They are neurodivergent!

♥ Their hat is their comfort object.

♥ They love going out and doing whatever! If they’re out with a friend, they’ll hold hands with them.

♥ Whenever they go out to eat, they always order chicken tenders.

♥ They like taking random pictures and videos of themself and sending them to their friends.

♥ When suddenly scared, they’ll revert to their feral instincts for a moment and scream like a fennec fox. (Warning: LOUD)

♥ If someone ever refers to them as cool, they’ll also scream like a fennec fox out of excitement.

♥ They’re an avid manga reader and like cosplaying as their favorite characters.

♥ They’re fascinated by urban legends.

♥ They love all kinds of music and have a playlist for each genre.

♥ Despite not caring about romance, they’re a total sucker for romantic films!

♥ They rarely ask for help with anything unless it’s necessary, as they’re too stubborn and rather do everything by themself.